in Smith's Village





The Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel on East Parade, 1808-11 

Wesleyan Missionary Society

On Friday October 2d [1846] the Rev Messrs James R Westley [died November, 1847, aged 30, of yellow fever] and William Tyson embarked for Jamaica for the supply of two of the vacancies in that island.

The Rev Samuel Burrell also arrived in Jamaica in 1846.


Scott or Booth?, Cecelia, dtr of Polier Scott & Jane Booth, fisherman, res Smith's Village, b 12/5/1841, bap 5/14/1848 by William Tyson, p. 8 #160

Reese, Morgiana, dtr of William & Esther Reese, upholsterer, res Smith's village, b 5/3/1847, bap 9/12/1847 by James R. Westley, p. 8 #146

Robinson, Angelina English, dtr of Patrick & Mary Robinson, servant, res Smith's Village, b 2/25/1848, bap 5/14/1848 by William Tyson, p. 8 #159

Booth, Mary Ann, dtr of James & Jane Booth, fisherman, res Smith's Village, bap 7/8/1849 by W. West, p. 9 #203

Tarrant, Joseph Francis, son of Robert & Phoebe Tarrant, carpenter, res Smith's Village, b 9/14/1849, bap 11/18/1849 by Wm. Tyson, p. 9 #175

Jones, Daniel Theophilus, son of Daniel & Sarah Jones, goldsmith, res Smith's Village, b 2/18/1850, bap privately 3/30/1850 by S. Burrell, p. 9 #179

Smith, Rebecca, dtr of Henry & Ann Smith, gentleman, res Smith's Village, b 3/30/1850, bap privately 4/4/1850 by S. Burrell, p. 9 180

Lewis, Joshua, son of Francis and Louisa Lewis, laborer, residence Smith Village, born 6/2/1850, baptized 8/10/1851 by E. Blake, page 75.

Booth, Thomas, son of James & Jane Booth, fisherman, res Smith's Village, b 4/15/1852, bap 9/12/1852 by David Kerr, p. 10 #213 

Church of England 

Daily Gleaner, May 17, 1888 

We understand that the Kingston Parish

Church is proposing to build a Mission

Chapel at Smith's Village, so as to extend    

the labours of the Church amongst the       

poor of Kingston. 





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