in Smith's Village



Daily Gleaner, March 17, 1869.

The people of Smith Village, situated in the western suburbs of this city, have been receiving good service at the hands of Sergeant McEchron, of the Constabulary, who ever since he was appointed Sub-Officer of the District has been most indefatigable in hunting down the despoilers of hen coops who infested the district, and were a pest to the industrious who had no security for their property. The indefatigable officer having captured and brought one or two of the principal thieves to justice, has scared away the others, and as one injured resident observed to us, "the people there now have peace." In other words, their poultry and small stock can again roam at large in safety.

Daily Gleaner, March 24, 1869. 

A few days ago, we noted the fact that a notorious character of the name of John Fisher, the chief of a gang of fowl stealers at Smith Village, had been captured by Sergeant McEchron of the Constabulary. He was committed for trial for the larceny of a fowl; but liberated on bail. He was at tbe same time sentenced to the district prison for assaulting the complainant in the previous case.
He was released from prison on Monday, and on the same night was discovered in the act of carrying off a goat which ha had stolen from a yard in the vicinity of the scene of his previous depredation. The alarm being given, he left the goat on the highway and made off. The Constables hid themselves in the bush and kept a watch, in the hope that h« would return; whilst so engaged, they observed another man, of the name of George Nelson, approach with a [wooden?] post on his h«ad. They immediately apprehended him, and it turned out that he had been industriously occupied the greater part of the night in taking and carrying away a whole lot of posts lying in front of some place where they were to be used for building purposes. He was brought before the sitting Magistrates, yesterday, and the case having already been made out against him he was sentenced to 90 days' imprisonment in the District Prison of St. Catherine. That other man, Fisher, has not since been heard of.